Education is an important factor for the progress of a nation, because it is said to be successful if the next generation of quality and quality so as to produce an advanced state order in all aspects.

Results of education and the provision of facilities to this at least in recorded history some developments in science and discovery by scientists-Muslim scientists. Some of these include: The field of medicine, the Muslims succeeded in developing a technique of anesthesia for the first time in the history of the world of medicine, developed the technique of operations, the establishment of hospitals, and medicines.

In chemistry, the Muslims introduced the term alkali, find ammonia, engineering distillation or refining, screening and sublimation, introducing sulfur and nitric acid, popularize glass and paper industry as well as other inventions.

Then, in the natural sciences, the discovery of the balance, the pendulum of a clock, the science of optics, and has been able to formulate the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound, including the Muslims managed to find the magnetic compass technology to know direction of the wind. In mathematics, the Muslims succeeded in developing a decimal calculation and squares, as well as creating various formulas.

Including astronomy, the Muslims managed to build the observatory telescope in Baghdad, Damascus, Alexandria, and other places to observe the stars. While in geography, browse to the place that has not been in the know and make maps. Terrific once ya ..

Another great developments in the field of industrial and environmental maintenance are also inscribed by the Islamic civilization. In addition, the field of architecture, water delivery to homes, irrigation system to irrigate rice fields and so forth.

Therefore, do not be surprised if there is a worldwide leader commented, “The world owes a great deal to the Muslims who kept the torch of science in the dark ages …” This comment was said by CE Storrs.

All that happens when the Muslims, especially the youth cling to their religion and they believe that Islam is a source of strength and civilization that can generate a lot of progress in many areas of life, both material and spiritual. Everything is driven equally by scientists Muslims, not one-sided.

However, it seems there is something wrong in our education system, proved that occur in the field, namely the high-ranking State became ruler of wealth in a way that is unjust so as a result many poor people are always increased in each year. They are not stupid academically, writing an average of college graduates. But, because of the lack of religious knowledge and passion they who make them that way.

What’s wrong with all that? The answer is education must be repaired. Not that all this time we have one of the places we learned in education. But which one is the system. How theology under-emphasized. The proof that hour of religious instruction only two hours a week, while the science or social sciences could be four hours. Yet Allah has said in Surah Al-Mujadilah verse 11, which reads, “Allah will exalt those who believe among you and those who were given some degree of knowledge and God is aware of what you do”.Therefore, the knowledgeable people must also understand Islamic education because we could be people who are not only academically clever. But also by faith, worship, and morals should be upheld to reflect the advantages of Islam.

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