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Klik Beritanya,OCD diet - a diet method is quite unique and a bit different from the way other diets that are often in error. Even the diet is also very effective and can be easily executed through diet choice men. Because it is not constrained by the restrictions some certain foods. So you do not worry when they can not eat the kind of food sweeter. While the application of the method is in desperate need of consistency.

In a way this diet, there is a term window meal. What is meant by the window eating is a predetermined time when you should eat something or drink anything. However, you are advised to consume beverages and food types that are not available in calories and sugar. Besides, you are also free to consume any form of food. However, when eating and drinking has been determined in a couple of hours specified. In addition to the application of the OCD diet, you should do fasting in the accompanying window this meal.

a. Spot window Fasting for 8 hours with 16 hours.

If you are a beginner using the OCD, then you can try fasting time within 16 hours with a free meal up to 8 hours for one day. After that it must be fasting should not eat, but allowed to drink. While the 8 hours you are required to eat the kind of food that is not contained therein calorie content. And 8 hours is sequentially not be separated for example starting at 1 until pulul 9. For beginners, this step you can take at least 1-2 weeks for your body can adapt.

b. Spot window for 6 hours with 18 hours fasting.

When you're used on the first stage, then the next is inter alia, by adding long fasting. Furthermore, can fast within 18 hours with the windows meal for 6 hours. Within 6 hours you can eat anything but not degan foods that contain calories. Laukan OCD step until you really get used to, before finally going to continue on the next stage which is even tougher.

c. Spot window for 4 hours with 20 hours fasting.

Later this stage you only have a free meal for 4 hours but must fast for 20 hours is not allowed to eat. But you can still drink so you do not become dehydrated. These stages may be done if you are already familiar and adapting to the second stage which is where you should be able to fast for 18 hours. When do you think within 20 hours was still heavy, it can combine the first and second stages. Diet OCD further by fasting for 24 hours. If the steps above you are able to do so.

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