Do not Give Up With Underarm Odor Nuisance!,-Have Problem?-Do not Give Up With Underarm Odor Nuisance!
Basically, the body sweating is reasonable, but caution because of underarm perspiration can cause underarm odor. The cause of the emergence of the unpleasant aroma is sweat mixes with bacteria on the skin. Similarly, sweat appearing in the groin.
The body has sweat glands called apocrine glands in the skin of the armpit, chest, and in the genital area.

In times of puberty, these glands become more active than usual. When these glands are undergoing the process of disposing of chemical and bacterial contamination, it will produce a foul-smelling substance. One such substance is ammonia, similar to those contained in the urine water.

Adam have a higher tendency to experience severe underarm odor known as bromhidrosis. Some possible causes are obesity, diabetes and skin problems.
Do not worry, as long as you do not suffer bromhidrosis, underarm odor can still be pursued for the missing. Lifestyle and proper treatment can make you avoid the unpleasant odors.

Underarm Sweat in control

Underarm odor can be controlled by reducing the levels of perspiration on the part. Here are some things you can do as an attempt to reduce or prevent production of excessive sweating.
using antiperspirant
Use underarm antiperspirant on the skin, especially if you're do not want to sweat. Antiperspirants have an aluminum-containing compound. These compounds are block pores thus preventing underarm sweating. The use of antiperspirants every night for a week also helps reduce the production of sweat in the armpits. If you want a natural antiperspirant, rub a raw potato or sprinkle cornmeal on the skin of the armpit. Starch in the potatoes have the same properties as aluminum compounds, which block the pores where the flow of sweat.

Using comfortable clothes

Get used to wear clothes from comfortable materials so that the skin can "breathe". Comfortable material such as cotton, wool, or silk fabrics are recommended. Indirectly, the clothes of this material will help reduce the production of sweat. Instead, the clothes should be avoided in order to avoid underarm odor is clothing made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials do not support the skin "breathe".
Eating healthy food
Do not underestimate the healthy foods because these types of foods help maintain ideal weight. One of the causes of excessive sweating is obese as people who are overweight will require more energy to move.
Avoid foods that increase perspiration
Perhaps you have not realized that the onion, garlic, curry, spicy foods, and caffeine increase the risk of body perspiration levels. Therefore, avoid these foods in order to avoid increased levels of perspiration.

Stay away from the circumstances that trigger hot flashes

Hot flashes are a state of heat in the upper body. It usually occurs in women who step premenopausal period. Some triggers this situation is the lack of sleep and excessive caffeine. Conditions have hot flashes will trigger perspiration. If you do not want to sweat, then at least to avoid the two triggers.
Consult a doctor

Some diseases can cause you to sweat excessively, such as diabetes, leukemia, anxiety disorders, lymphoma, hyperhidrosis, hyperthyroidism, and HIV. It is advisable to see a doctor in order to know with certainty the cause of excessive sweating. This step also helps you combat underarm odor more effectively.
Underarm Odor control
In addition to avoiding excessive sweating to eliminate underarm odor, you can also directly control underarm odor itself. Some way is:
Bath every day on a regular basis to help inhibit the growth of bacteria. In addition, should shower after exercising or doing activities that make you sweat.
Change clothes every day, do not wait until the smell of sweaty armpits finally
Drinking enough water to help the body dispose of substances that may trigger the appearance of underarm odor.
Avoid eating foods that may trigger smelling for underarm odor.
Underarm odor that sound awful to some people actually really be eliminated. Basically, no matter how you take care of yourself as well as the style of life lived. If you have not found the right way, do not be embarrassed to consult a doctor.

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