International womens day : the role of leader for the women it wasimportant

State leaders is an important factor in the life of a country.

If the country's leaders are honest, decent, intelligent and reliable, its people will be prosperous. Conversely, if its leader is dishonest, corrupt, and certainly wronged his people, his people would be miserable. Thus Islam provides guidance in choosing a good leader. In the Qur'an, Allah almighty orders Muslims to elect a good leader and believer: "Speak unto the hypocrites that they will have a painful torment, (that is) those who take the infidels became friends with helpers left the believers. Whether they are looking for strength in side of unbelievers? Then surely all the power belongs to God. "(An-Nisaa 4:138-139)" o believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians became the leader-pemimmpin (mu): the part they are leaders to sebahagiaa the other.

Whoever among you take them as the leader, then surely people that included them. Verily, Allah does not give instructions to the people thus tyrant "(QS. Al-Maidah: 51) "Hi orang2 believer! Ye shall not make your brothers and fathers became the pemimpin-pemimpinmu, if they prefer disbelief over faith. And who among you has made them a leader, then they orang2 tyrant "(At-Tauba: 23)" Hi orang2 believer! You shall not take the pagan orang2 became regent (friend or protector) "(An-Nisaa: 144)" Let not the believers take the unbelievers orang2 orang2 so leaders instead of the believers.

Anyone who does so, he is not of the slightest God (religion) ... " (Ali Imran: 28) In addition to faith, a leader must also be fair: from Abu Hurairah ra, he said, that the Prophet said: "there are seven classes of human beings who will obtain the patronage of God on that day, no more shade except his shade, (they are):
  • Priests/leaders of the fair
  • Youth who perpetually live in worship to God
  • A man whose heart moored in mosques
  • Two people who bercinta-cintaan because of God, gathered because God and separated ever since God
  • A man who invited him (to do angle) by a rich and beautiful woman, and then he said, "Behold, I fear Allah"
  • An alms giving charity with a very secret, to the extent that his left hand does not know what his right hand was given by
  • A always remember to Allah (dzikrullâh) at the time alone, to melt his tears. (Narrated by Al-bukhaari and Muslim) "O believers! So establish justice as a witness for God.

And let not the taste you hate push apply unfair. Apply adillah, because it's closer to taqwa... " (Q.s. Al-Maa'idah 5:8) Justice is pronounced al-Qur'an it basically covers the justice in the field of economic, social, and, moreover, in the field of law. A leader is fair, the indications are always uphold the rule of law; perceive and treat all people equally before the law, indiscriminate.

It has ordered al-Qur'an and exemplified by the Prophet when it is determined to enforce the law (in the context of theft), although the culprit was the daughter of he himself, Fatimah, for example. "O faithful people, be ye really enforce fairness, be a witness for God even against yourselves or the father of the mother and the kerabatmu. If he is rich or poor, God knows the benefit of both. " (Qs. An-Nisa; 4:135) In an occasion, when a woman from the tribe of Makhzun cut his hands due to a steal, then the woman's family asked for Usama bin Zaid: that the Messenger of Allah to beg him, Constellation lullah else angry. He even reminds that, destruction of the community before we caused by injustice in the supremacy of the law as such. From Aisha ra. that the Messenger of Allah. said: is it worth a thou memintakan the freedom of one sentence of some punishment (required) by God?

Then he stood up and then preaching, and said: ' o mankind! Verily, those before you that damaged/destroyed because if people are noble amongst them stole, they free up. But, when the weak are stealing, they gave him the law '. (Narrated by Al-bukhaari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasa'i, Abu Dawood, Ahmad, Dariini, and Ibn maajah) "Allaah will protect countries that uphold justice, and though he would not protect the country dzalim (tyrant) even though he is muslim". (The pearls I Dr. Ali ibn Abi Talib) Choose an honest leader: from Ma'qil ra. Said: I will tell thee the Hadith which I heard from the Prophet. And I have heard it he said, "someone who has been assigned by God to reign over the people (acting), if he cannot lead the people with honesty, he won't get the smell of paradise". (Narrated By Bukhari) Select the leaders who want to prevent and eradicate the devilry things like corruption, nepotism, manipulation, etc.: "anyone who saw devilry things, then he should change it with his hand, if not capable, then it should be changed with the lisannya, if it is not able to, then with his heart. And so that's the selemah-lemahnya of faith ". (Narrated By Muslim) Select a leader who can unite the Muslims, not the bigots against the group themselves: Whereas Allaah has stated in the Qur'an: "... He (God) has named you all, Muslims, from the first .... " (QS. Al-Hajj: 78) in interpreting the above verse, Imam Ibn Katheer others one Hadith that reads: "he who exhorts with the shout-shout and ignorance then surely he exhorts to door blasted." Someone said: "o Messenger of Allah, even though he was fasting and praying?" "Yes, even though he was fasting and praying, even though he claims to be a Muslim.

Then menyerulah you guys with the shout that God had given the name over you, namely: Al Al Muslims, Believers, worshipers of God. " (Narrated by Ahmad, 4/vol 130, 202 and Chapter 5/344) There are some good nature that must be owned by the prophets, namely: Amanah (trustworthy), Siddiq (right), Fathonah (intelligent/wise), and talbligh (communicating with both with its people). The above properties must also be owned by the leaders we choose. Select a leader the mandate, so he's really trying to prosper his people.

Not only can sell the assets of the country's natural wealth of Indonesia or for personal interest and his group. Select leaders who are intelligent, so he cannot be deceived by his men or other groups to the detriment of the country. Smart leaders have a clear vision and mission to advance his people. Sometimes we are so apathetic with corrupt leaders, so the vote Golput.

The attitude of the leader or not vote golput is an attitude. In Islam, the leadership was important, so the Prophet once said, if you guys are traveling, choose a single person so the leader. If only the two of us, then one of them so leaders. The obligatory prayers that it is best that there are leaders (imam).

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