Donald Trump Controversial Statement of Problem 'Brexit' On June 23, the British people will hold a referendum to determine their future, still joined the European Union (EU) or out of the organization that stood since 1992. British Prime Minister David Cameron's own vigorous campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the EU.

The figure of the controversial US presidential candidate Donald Trump, it also provides commentary related to this Brexit issue. The Hollywood Reporter told some time ago, Trump said he would be very tempted to vote for Britain out of the EU.
On Wednesday, June 1 yesterday, Trump reinforce the statement. "Oh yes, I think they have to opt out of the EU," he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (02/06/2016).
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Introverted personality is a real problem

In the same occasion, Trump also announced he will visit the UK in the near future - the day after the referendum held. His visit was related to the inauguration of his golf course in Scotland.

"Very excited, one of the world's largest resort, Turnberry, which cost 200 million pounds sterling will be opened," said Trump.

"I who have the resort and I am very proud. I plan to attend the opening on 24 June," he added.

Is Trump will take advantage of his visit to England to meet with the Prime Minister, David Cameron or the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan?

It was, no. Given Trump and the two men were never involved British war of words. Backed by a variety of controversial statements, Cameron and Khan have the same perception of the Trump, fools.

PM Cameron also said he declined to comment further US elections despite Trump often remark eccentric even offend him.

The EU itself has offered a deal in the form of a special status for the UK, but the final decision remains in the hands of the people of the United Kingdom.

British Prime Minister has reminded the adverse effects that will be encountered if the British exit from the EU.

"I believe that Britain will be safer, stronger and better if it stays in the EU that has been reformed," he said
"Those who wanted (English) exit the EU, could not say whether businesses UK can access the free market Europe, or how much prices will rise. What they can offer, is a risk period of uncertainty - a leap towards darkness, "he added.

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