West Sumatra earthquake caused tens of citizens were injured and 57 buildings damaged

klikberitanya.com-Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Bengkulu province was to collect data on the impact of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake occurred on Thursday (2/6) at 5:56 pm. Based on preliminary data collected BPBDs, impact damage is in Mukomuko Bengkulu and South Coastal District, West Sumatra Province.

Post BNPB continue to coordinate with Pusdalops BPBDs in the data collection. Conditions of normal society. Activities run as usual.

"Three people were seriously injured, 13 people were slightly injured and 56 houses damaged," said Head of Data Information and Public Relations BNPB, Sutopo Purwo Nugroho through a written statement to merdeka.com, Thursday (2/6).

Sutopo explained, in the South Coastal District there were 14 injuries. Another 11 houses were damaged in the district spread Lengayang, Coastal Realm, Linggo Sari Baganti, Air Haji Tengah. In the city of Padang, there are two people were seriously injured, by falling buildings.

"The victim was seriously injured admitted to the hospital Painan while minor injuries treated at the clinic," said Sutopo.

Furthermore, Sutopo explained in Mukomuko new data collection can be done in two villages. Ie, in the village of Lubuk Pinang, and Long Market Village, District Lubuk Pinang there are three houses collapsed or were heavily damaged three houses were damaged, and nine houses were slightly damaged.

While in the village Talang Sakti subdistrict V Koto terspat 10 houses were severely damaged, seven homes with minor damage, and 13 homes with minor damage. In the village Municipal District of Manjunto be one unit were damaged hospitals.

"Data collection was performed. The extent of territory and conditions of heavy rain caused the data collection can not be done quickly. The condition of power failure also cause problems in reporting the impact of the earthquake in Mukomuko," he said.
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