Guide For sing good as smule

Tips And Tricks Smule, before we discuss "tips and tricks Smule so nice While in upload" to inform you that Tracing the works of others it is strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment in countries around the world so appreciate the work of others to continue to buy the original work and not pirated.
"Read order news":

Good for tips and tricks Smule so good when uploaded, the first-the first thing to do is to sign up as VIP users to pay only 12,000 per month we can use Vip access more than enough. but if you want to be free to set up as follows:
First of you have to have more money to buy headphones for less good vocal quality should buy it (most expensive headphones).
The second thing you need to do is to be a quiet place so that the incoming sound from other than your voice to be reduced.
These three do not put too close to the maximum distance headphone headphone five cm from the mouth.
fourth last thing to do: if you are a free user, edit the sound you want to upload to the studio or the effect could also be the individual in order to better effect. if you special access or a VIP user you can edit in a way, select the effect but with a super studio reverb ratio: 15% and size rom: 65% and please upload your results with enough internet connection and contrast what happened?

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